Section background

Our Approach

BSG Analytics helps clients improve quality, reduce costs, and achieve desired outcomes by mining data streams to reveal insights and identify opportunities.


Our approach is focused on identifying performance improvement opportunities that are:

  1. Valuable: Would acting on the data demonstrably improve outcomes and value?
  2. Credible: Does the opportunity provide a return that will warrant the investment?
  3. Manageable: Is the opportunity realistically achievable given the resources available?


Key components of our methodology include:

  • ‍Determining the objective of the analysis and the business questions it will answer
  • Identifying, securing and integrating the appropriate data streams necessary to conduct the analysis
  • Conducting a preliminary analysis based on the project’s initial objectives
  • Modifying the analysis, if necessary, based on the initial findings
  • Preparing a report and/or white paper summarizing the analysis, its findings and how those findings can be transformed into actionable business or clinical initiatives